Turi Simeti Primary Form of Painting

Turi Simeti

Turi Simeti, The Primary Form of Painting

In this 2014 essay, Elena Forin explores the work of Turi Simeti as his first solo show in New York opened at De Buck Gallery.

Posted 3 years ago | 7 min read

Turi Simeti

A New Visual Dialogue on Artsy

Don’t miss out on the last two weeks of our group exhibition A New Visual Dialogue! The exhibition features work by prominent twentieth century Italian artists…

Posted 9 years ago | 1 min read

Turi Simeti

Turi Simeti at De Buck Gallery

De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of Italian artist Turi Simeti. A prominent member of the Italian branch of the Zero movement…

Posted 10 years ago | 1 min read
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