De Buck Gallery

Founded in 2011 by David De Buck, De Buck Gallery focuses on contemporary artists, from emerging to mid career, and is deeply committed to supporting artists’ growth through special projects and exhibitions.

The gallery supports a vibrant contemporary program of narrative, identity-based art, primarily focused on figurative painting and innovative fiber work. De Buck presents artists who are art scene leaders across their disciplines with a strong curatorial following and critical acclaim. The gallery programming engages contemporary talent such as Devan Shimoyama, Stephen Towns, Hiba Schahbaz, Ronald Jackson, Tahnee Lonsdale, and Juan Garaizabal. Shows such as “Sweet” (2017) by Devan Shimoyama and “STOP PLAYING IN MY FACE!” (2016) by Rashaad Newsome demonstrate the gallery’s cutting- edge and cross-disciplinary approach with dynamic new multimedia programming and performance. In 2019, the gallery showcased Devan Shimoyama’s work in a successful solo show, “Shh…”, and presented an exciting roster of contemporary artists in a spring group show, “Conjuring Wholeness in the Wake of Rupture.” The gallery’s 2019 programming also included “The Night Light Fell from the Sky,” a solo show of Stephen Towns’ quilt work and ‘The GAG,’ a group show curated by Devan Shimoyama. Most recently, the gallery has showcased solo exhibitions of Hiba Schahbaz, Ronald Jackson, Tahnee Lonsdale, and a group show of fiber and quilt work titled “Threaded Memory” (2020). In 2021, De Buck Gallery will launch an Artist-in-Residence program, which will invite artists to live and create at a private studio in Saint-Paul De Vence, France. The program extends artists the opportunity to exhibit work in Europe and is committed to fostering relationships with the local community, continuing Saint-Paul De Vence’s legacy as an international artist hub and home to La Maison James Baldwin.

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