De Buck Gallery

De Buck Gallery has played a significant role in both representation and support of some of the most innovative artists of our time. Founded in 2011 by international art dealer, David De Buck, the gallery focuses on contemporary artists, from emerging to mid-career, and is deeply committed to compelling and innovative artists’ projects and exhibitions.

De Buck presents artists who are art scene leaders across their disciplines, movements and eras with a strong curatorial following and critical acclaim. The gallery programming engages contemporary talent such as Rashaad Newsome, Devan Shimoyama, Stephen Towns, Sharif Bey, Tahnee Lonsdale, and Juan Garaizabal. Critically acclaimed shows such as “Sweet” (2017) by Devan Shimoyama and “STOP PLAYING IN MY FACE!” (2016) by Rashaad Newsome demonstrate the gallery’s cutting-edge and cross-disciplinary approach with dynamic new multi-media programming
and performance.

Most recently, the gallery has showcased Devan Shimoyama’s work in a successful solo show, “Shh…” (2019), and presented an exciting roster of contemporary artists in a spring group show, “Conjuring Wholeness in the Wake of Rupture” (2019). Looking forward, one of the highlights of the gallery’s fall programming will be “The Night Light Fell from the Sky,” a solo show of Stephen Towns’ painting and quilt work. De Buck continues to dedicate the gallery’s ever- expanding programming to the relevant artistic journeys of its roster of artists.

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