Juan Garaizabal

Juan Garaizabal is a Spanish conceptual artist born in Madrid, 1971. He has accrued international recognition for his monumental public sculptures. His Urban Memories structures that illuminate are a recuperation of long-lost architectural elements occupying vacant and historically significant sites. The lost landmarks are depicted at both their original location and size.

A versatile artist, Garaizabal’s multifaceted works encompass drawings, sculpture, light and acoustical installations, as well as video art and engraving.

Garaizabal’s sculptures are influenced by his conceptual work, as a large part of his preparatory and final work is done by hand, using techniques such as forging, carpentry, electricity, plasticity, and masonry—all skills acquired over time and through experimentation. Since 2008, he mainly operates from his studio in Berlin, whilst maintaining additional ateliers in Madrid and Miami.

Some of Garaizabal’s most noted work includes his solo piece, Bosque de Flores, a garden of giant flowers found in Valencia, Spain. American art critic and historian Barbara Rose presented a monograph on Garaizabal at EXPO Chicago in September 2016. The pair has since collaborated in projects such as La Memoria del Giardino at the 55th Venice Biennale. The artist has showcased his monumental sculptures across the world and currently lives and works between Berlin, Madrid, and Miami.


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