Whitehot Magazine | Mark Bloch on Shozo Shimamoto at De Buck Gallery

April 4, 2017 Shimamoto performance, Capri, Italy at Certosa di San Giacomo, May 9, 2008 MARK BLOCH, MAR. 2017 Do Something Interesting, See Something Odd dove into the revolutionary career trajectory of the important Japanese Gutai artist Shozo Shimamoto who died in 2013 at 85. Several striking paintings that hearken back to earlier Gutai works and a colorful, [...]

Shozo Shimamoto and Gutai

January 13, 2017 The 1950’s were a time of radical change in the arts in the West. However, it is often unrecognized that a similar change was simultaneously happening in the East. Read on for how Shozo Shimamoto, Gutai, and other art movements of the 1950’s influenced international artwork for years to come by breaking the rules and [...]

Shozo Shimamoto Auction Results

June 23, 2015

Shozo Shimamoto has had a fantastic start to the year, with his solo debut at De Buck Gallery and a series of high auction prices for the artist. On February 12, Shimamoto’s Nihon Television 08 sold for 72,010 GBP ($114,098) at Bonham’s London, exceeding a high estimate of 25,000 GBP. Spring brought in more great […]

Shozo Shimamoto Answers Gutai’s Call at De Buck Gallery

June 19, 2015

FEATURED BY ARTNET The current exhibition at Chelsea’s De Buck Gallery features a posthumous selection of Shozo Shimamoto’s riotously colorful paintings, which are vibrant and captivating. What a simple glance doesn’t tell you is how, exactly, they were made. With help from an assistant, the artist created these striking action works by throwing bottles onto a […]

Gutai Great Shozo Shimamoto Celebrated in a Spirited Solo Show

May 8, 2015

FEATURED BY ARTSY Though pioneering postwar Japanese artist Shozo Shimamoto is no longer alive, his exuberant energy is as palpable as ever in the works on view in a solo showing at De Buck Gallery. Focusing primarily on paintings made later in his long career, the show provides a taste of his radical approach to art making and how he […]

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