Stephen Towns in Conversation with Mark Bradford

Artist Stephen Towns, photographed for Baltimore Magazine, 24 April 2018, in Baltimore MD.
Artist Stephen Towns, photographed for Baltimore Magazine, in Baltimore MD.

In conjunction with our presentation of Stephen Towns’s quilt works at 1-54 New York, De Buck Gallery is taking a look back at the artist’s talk with Mark Bradford and Christopher Bedford, the director of the Baltimore Museum of Art. The talk was filmed during his solo exhibition with the BMA titled Stephen Towns: Rumination and a Reckoning, which took place March 7 – September 2, 2018 in collaboration with Bradford’s foundation Art + Practice.

In a similar vein to our current presentation, Rumination delved into the artist’s quilt practice, looking closely at how Towns depicts American history and the perspectives of both women and people of color.

To listen to Towns discussing his artistic practice with both Bradford and Bedford, please click the link below.

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