Screen Print

April 27, 2015

A print made through the impression of an image through a screen. Also known as a silkscreen


Artwork that represents something in reality; the opposite of abstraction


A type of artwork based on reality and strongly resembling the existing world


Related to appropriation and found art, a ready-made is an artwork that is simply an object from daily life presented as an artwork. For example, Marcel Duchamp’s infamous use of a urinal.


An artwork that is printed, usually on paper and often editioned. Many different types of prints are possible, common types includes lithographs and screenprints


A term that first emerged during the 1980s to refer to contemporary artwork that differs from modernism. Post-modernism is often characterized by the use of elements of various earlier art movements.

Pop Art

An art movement primarily popular during the 1960s with the rise of Andy Warhol, which draws subject matter from popular culture, and provides an ambiguously neutral position on the subject.


A style of painting that is extremely detailed and realistic so as to resemble a photograph. Most notable in the field is Chuck Close.

Performance Art

An artwork that consists solely of a performance with an audience. Performance art is notable for its temporary nature, though often ephemera from the performance are produced.


A word often used in art criticism to describe a quality in which the hand of the artist can be seen, i.e. paint strokes.

Outsider Art

Art made by those who are not associated with the formal art world – often the artist are outsiders in the sense that they are prisoners, suffering from mental illness etc.

Op Art

“Optical” art. A type of artwork that gives an illusion of movement through visual effects


A term referring to everything that an artist has produced throughout their career


A print that is not editioned; only one copy is made.


The general term referring to artwork produced after the mid-nineteenth century, which aesthetically and philosophically breaks with traditional earlier artwork and is often produced for “art’s sake.” Gustave Courbet and Edouard Manet are generally considered to be the first modern artists.

Mixed Media

An artwork made of multiple materials, and often including non-traditional materials


A primarily post-war American art movement characterized by an emphasis of simple geometric forms. Important artists include Donald Judd, Sol Lewitt, Frank Stella and Dan Flavin.


A Masters of Fine Arts degree

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