Giant Pink Snails in Istanbul

Giant pink snails to bring Slow Living concept to Istanbul.

Emaar Turkey, the country-subsidiary of Emaar Properties PJSC, is set to bring the famous Slow Living concept to Istanbul, accompanied by an exhibition of giant pink snails.
Since the idea of the pink snails started in Milan with the Cracking Art Group company in 1993, the snail mascot has risen to iconic status, being featured with the spread of the concept through countries such as France, Belgium, Czech Republic and the US. They were also exhibited at the prestigious Art Basel exhibition in Switzerland.

The snails will first be exhibited on May 31 at Bebek Park before moving on to Nisantasi, Bagdat Street, Yesilköy and Bahçesehir, reaching the Tuscan Valley in Büyükçekmece (a project developed by Emaar Turkey) on June 3.

Having originated in Italy in early ‘90s, the Slow Living idea encapsulates a lifestyle in which society is open to technological developments while at the same time focusing on protecting the environment and conserving old buildings and areas of historical importance.

For more information, please contact the gallery here.