You can have it all

De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming solo exhibition by Ruby Anemic aptly titled You Can Have It All. The exhibition marks both the artist’s debut at the gallery and in New York.

Provocative, irreverent and often highly playful, Ruby Anemic takes a hard look at the world around him through his use of image and language. You Can Have It All highlights the vast diversity of his body of work, united throughout by Anemic’s constant wit. In many ways, he is the quintessential post-modern artist, drawing on a combination of Minimalism, Pop, and Dada. Anemic believes that his “work should speak for itself,” and that it certainly does; often literally, through his use of thought-provoking phrases such as No Guts No Glory and I Need More. His neon works, such as Thank You Thank You Thank You, a phrase that the artist appropriated from the ubiquitous shopping bags that advertise this exaggerated compliment throughout the streets of New York and elsewhere, combine the artist’s tendencies towards Minimalism with his undying interest in what can be called the absurdity of society; in this case exaggerating the very exaggeration that first interested him.

Ruby Anemic’s work, whether text-based, photographic, or geometric, lends itself not only to the artist’s interpretation, but also to the multiplicity of interpretations that each person will bring to it. This, in fact, is what the artist most hopes to achieve. Anemic’s art is, regardless of medium, always the result of his key inspiration: life itself; his work is an intuitive response to the world around him and provides a compellingly clever lens with which others can view it.

Anemic was born in Berlin in 1975 and continues to live and work there. He has been exhibited widely throughout Europe.


De Buck Gallery New-York


March 1, 2012 - April 12, 2012


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