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De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce Parade, an exhibition of works by French artist duo FC SOFIA. This exhibition marks their first at the gallery. Parade will be on view from November 1 through December 15.

FC SOFIA dress us a quirky portrait of our own insatiable appetites, interrogating us on the symbols produced by consumerism become cult. With a telescoping of contemporary mythologies, hijacking of identities, war-games, and ultra-materialistic alienation, they re-appropriate the icons that people our environment, sanctifying them with humor.

Far from rallying to any one artistic movement, their approach is situated at the crossroads between Pop Art and New Realism. Their creations mix a multitude of materials such as aluminum, resin, leather, fur, and bronze as well as objects from our daily lives picked up on the internet, that veritable world-wide supermarket of raw materials.

In their series of “Domestic” and “Meta-Domestic” masks, FC SOFIA drive our soul-searching and shine up our sentiments in an inventive gallery of portraits in which the worlds of fashion, design and tribal idolatry come together. Rabbits, bears and superstar mice, the domesticated heroes of our childhood, parade, accessorized according to their moods.

Fetishism is a dish that is best served cold. In the “Invasion” series, women of steel with perfect figures invitingly transpire desire. An ego of logos, vaporous lace, and brand names defies the signs of the times. In “Empty Memory,” classic briefs, the light armor of a lost body, are raised up as a trophy, the disembodied memory of our universal fantasies.

In a sort of artistic remix used by FC SOFIA to provoke a collision of paradoxes, war weapons are neutralized by a camouflage motif composed of Kawaii stickers: crazy atoms, flying mustaches, sequined hearts, robot rabbits, shooting stars, fetish objects, regressive characters. Inveterate recuperators, FC SOFIA tame the souls of accommodating if improbable objects. Thus the sinister memory of a military helmet is dressed up in an accumulation of gadgets that humorously incarnate the excesses of our world.

Excesses of the heart and medication in “PROLOVYX”, a giant breakable heart pill, extol its aphrodisiac virtues and spawn miniatures that the artists appropriate in their self-portraits. Detestation and love, rejection and desire, frustration and pleasure, war and peace, conscience and instinct, silences and words set themselves up, night and day at the artists’ table.

FC SOFIA, composed of Frederic (b. 1967) and Catherine (b. 1966) Sofia, was formed in 2005 and have since been exhibited throughout their native France and abroad. Most recently, their “Domestic” series was exhibited at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, where a series of art workshops for children and adolescents was held to accompany the exhibition. Their work will also be included in De Buck Gallery’s forthcoming catalogue that will be available in December 2012.

FC SOFIA currently live and work in Paris.


De Buck Gallery New-York


November 1, 2012 - December 15, 2012


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