Gommaar Gilliams: Under Cassiopeia

Gommaar Gilliams, ‘Tops of trees’, 2022, oil, oil stick, acrylic on pre-painted and stitched fabrics, 180x140cm
Gommaar Gilliams, Tops of trees, 2022

De Buck Gallery is pleased to present “Gommaar Gilliams: Under Cassiopeia,” the artist’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery.

Taking place at the gallery’s New York location at 507 W 27th Street from March 31 – April 30, “Under Cassiopeia” features a selection of new works. An opening reception will take place on Thursday, March 31 from 6-8 pm.

The exhibition takes its name from the astral constellation named after Cassiopeia, the vain queen of Ethiopia in Greek mythology. About the title, Gilliams says:

It deals with the passing of time, things we used and [still] use to tell stories…the works are about us, people, humans…so ‘under’ refers to [those of] us under the constellation…stories about you and us, the personal and the universal.

Gommaar Gilliams, ‘First glance’, 2022, oil, oil stick, acrylic on pre-painted and stitched fabrics, 200x150cm
Gommaar Gilliams, First glance, 2022

This new body of painting is a gorgeous tapestry of astral visuals, shapes, characters, and semi-abstract forms. Aesthetically, one can observe a continuation from previous series which deal with “collective memory,” an adept layering of recognizable imagery wherein the artist creates his own myths and visual poems.

About the Artist

Gommaar Gilliams was born in 1982 in Lier, Belgium. He graduated in visual arts from LUCA School of Arts in Brussels and holds a Masters degree in Painting from PXL College in Hasselt. Gilliams has exhibited widely across Europe as well as in solo exhibitions at De Buck Gallery in New York and the La Brea Residency in Los Angeles.


De Buck Gallery New York


March 31, 2022 - April 30, 2022


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