Everything, Everything!

De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition of works by Berlin-based artist XOOOOX, entitled Everything, Everything! The exhibition marks the artist’s debut in New York, and will be on view from February 21 through March 30, 2013. An opening reception will be held at the gallery on February 21 from 6-8 PM.

XOOOOX’s work represents a stunning marriage between the grimy quality of the streets in which his career began and the polished appearances of art and high fashion. Beginning with his earliest work, XOOOOX appropriates images, logos, and attitudes from the world of fashion as a means to introduce beauty onto various surfaces. Whether on the ragged city walls of Berlin or on the found wood panels and metal sheets that alternatively serve as his media, XOOOOX transforms the objects that he encounters into radiant commentaries on the beauty that can be found in the most unlikely of places.

XOOOOX’s art is revolutionary in more ways than one. He utilizes imagery selected primarily from fashion magazines and similar sources; thus XOOOOX’s world is one populated by upscale models, nude or dressed in designer clothing. Integrated into his art, the models are removed from the confines of fashion and advertising. Instead they simply become chic and sexy figures, predominantly women, who suddenly inhabit the otherwise quotidian realms of the dirty city street or the pristine gallery environment. From each image, stencils of various sizes are created by hand; the images are transferred monochromatically to a surface of the artist’s choice with spray paint. The technique is one that was first used by political revolutionaries as a means to spread propaganda. Thus political history, contemporary cultural trends, and the inherently subversive quality of street art all play a role in XOOOOX’s work, giving each image an astounding dynamism due in part to the paradoxes within them.

In addition to working as a street artist in his hometown of Berlin since 2003, XOOOOX has exhibited widely throughout Germany. Recent exhibitions include those at the Georg Kolbe Museum and KW Institute for Contemporary Art, both of which are located in Berlin.


De Buck Gallery New-York


February 21, 2013 - March 30, 2013


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