Devan Shimoyama featured in ‘After & Because Of’ at IU’s Herron School of Art + Design

The Galleries at Herron School of Art and Design will kick off another summer season Wednesday, June 5, with two group exhibitions – “The Alchemy of Paper” and “After & Because Of.”

Fifty years after the Stonewall riots, ‘After & Because Of’ celebrates the work of contemporary LGBTQ artists and their diverse representations of life today.

Largely considered to be the foundation of the modern LGBTQ civil rights movement, the 1969 Stonewall riots brought the demand for equality of the queer community into the national dialogue. Unifying against silence and oppression, those involved in the Stonewall riots paved the way for the vibrant communities of today to exist more fully. Artists were integral in creating the visual language of these communities, using text and image to advocate for equality and inclusion. The artists in this exhibition continue that tradition through their own representations of contemporary queer life.

This exhibition is a survey of LGBTQ artists whose work challenges cultural conventions and celebrates diverse experiences of queerness, while questioning the expectations of content and form placed on queer artists. By recognizing the complexities of identity, these artists help ensure that misrepresentations of the LGBTQ community will be rectified as a valuable part of history. In the fifty years after Stonewall, queer people have been afforded a voice, and so the endeavor for acceptance continues. This exhibition features work by Devan Shimoyama, Rana Young, Paolo Arao, Chris E. Vargas, Danny Ferrell, Montgomery Smith, and Dani and Sheilah Restack.

On View June 5 through July 6, 2019.
Marsh Gallery
Eskenazi Hall

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