Colossal Magazine: Red Eyes and Shades of Gray in Annan Affotey’s Work

Annan Affotey in his studio, image courtesy of the artist and Colossal.

Accra-based artist, Annan Affotey’s (b. 1985, Ghanaian) recent introspective with Colossal Magazine dives into the oft-noted deep-red eyes within his portraiture. Large in scale and rich in texture, Affotey’s work combines gray tinted skin and bright clothing, and his signature red eyes. According to the artist,

“The first assumptions made about people are based on sight. So things like skin color, clothing, accessories, background, setting, and pose dictate emotion. There’s no guarantee those things match the character underneath. We’re often identified by what we’re compared to (or against). My work is a social commentary on this, asking the viewer to take a second look at what they read from my portraits and why.”

Read the full article, Red Eyes Are Bold Counterparts to Subjects in Shades of Gray in Annan Affotey’s Portraits, here.

Image courtesy of Colossal Magazine.
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