Wycliff Mundopa

Wycliffe Mundopa was born 1987 in Rusape, Zimbabwe and received his National Certificate in Fine Art from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe Visual Arts Studios in 2007. Committed to bringing awareness to the lives of women and children in Harare’s underprivileged neighborhoods, Mundopa’s works speak out with passion, anger, cynicism, and compassion about those too often swept under the carpet by society. Mundopa primarily works in oil paint, creating colorful, figurative depictions of the often painful, but vibrant lives of Zimbabweans. His work explores the conflicts of tradition and change in contemporary society, clashes of moral codes, the effects of economic strain on women, and the hardships that negatively impact childhood development. He explores both the beautiful and dark sides of his community through the lens of mothers, prostitutes, caregivers, and breadwinners, depicted, without judgment, through masterful draftsmanship and inventive collage work

Mundopa’s work has been wildly exhibited in global exhibitions since 2007 and is held in a number of international private and public collections including The Ilana Goor Museum in Jaffa, Israel, The Lluis Coromina Foundation in Barcelona, Spain, and the Right at the Equator Collection in Los Angeles, United States. Mundopa currently lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe.


Wycliff Mundopa
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