Sislej Xhafa

Sislej Xhafa is a Kosovar-Albanian contemporary artist who is currently based in New York City. An artist of various mediums, Xhafa’s work is inspired by modern day problems found in the political, social, and economic spheres. Known for work that challenges many cultural stereotypes, social stigmas, and other institutional structures, Xhafa uses his artwork to develop a criticism toward consumerism and provoking thought among his audience. This includes works inspired by the problem of tourism, forced illegality, nationality, suffrage, and mythologies. Among Xhafa’s work is also found the questioning of his own birth country, Kosovo, and the legal status of it. From painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation, Xhafa incorporates his own sense of humor in his political artwork and uses it to engage with his viewers, to further enlighten how the human race is unconsciously manipulated to accept the preconceived judgments of social norms. Sislej gained notable attention in the 1997 Venice Biennale where he paraded in the national Albanian soccer team uniform, making a bold statement on its politics. Recently, Xhafa has also received the Academic Honoré from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. His work is currently showcased globally in many esteemed institutions.

CV | Opulent Landscapes | #sislejxhafa

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