Seren Morey

Born in Massachusetts, Seren Morey is a contemporary visual artist that started her career as a student at the Bard College in New York before painting for several years upon graduation. Morey also obtained her MFA at the Pratt Institute after continuing her education. Initially an art instructor upon graduation at the Pratt Insitute, Morey became inspired in her teachings of light, color, and design. Noted for her work today in exquisite 3D painting, Morey produces art in the many mediums, including sculptural resin.

Interested in how emotions form neurological networks within the human body, Morey finds the flesh and bone-like qualities of her materials to be fundamental for obtaining both vulnerability and science in her creations. Inspired by biology, Morey creates artworks that include vivid self-portraits and other internal landscapes, along with topographical maps, where she aims to create a meeting point for the conscious and subconscious.

With a vision to evolve her work into biological and botanical hybrids that have a life of their own, Morey creates repetitions and patterns in her work that reflect the energy among all things mysterious, ordered, and connected found in nature and science. The result is pieces that both fascinate and shock her viewers with their intricate designs full of splendor, color, and life. Morey currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and is a partner in Guerra Paint and Pigment in NYC, a specialty resource store for artists.

CV | Opulent Landscapes | #serenmorey

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