Robert Indiana

Robert Indiana was born in 1928 and is an American artist that belonged to the pop art movement. Best known for his “LOVE” print, Indiana has become an icon for creating such a peaceful and simple symbol. After returning to New York City after his studies abroad in Scotland, Indiana began to distinct his style with a “hard edge”, specializing in steel sculpture and silkscreen paper. Indiana’s notable traits include his bold, simple, and iconic images that play with short and popular words such as EAT and HUG. Calling himself a “sign painter”, Indiana takes much of his inspiration from the American signs around him. Indiana also expresses great interest in politics and social issues that sets him apart from fellow pop art artists. You can see this in his YIELD paintings, the Confederacy series, and more recently in his Peace series. As of 1978, Indiana has settled in Vinalhaven, an island off the coast of Maine, where he lives and works today.


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