Marielle Plaisir is a French-Caribbean multi-media artist currently living in the United States. She combines painting, drawing and performance to present intense visual experiences.

Plaisir’s work examines the concept of social domination, which has existed from the time of slavery until now. The common thread throughout her work is a critique of prejudice, according to which political power is supposedly “a natural fact.” Through her art, she declares that power is not a “natural fact” but, rather, a political one that emerges under specific conditions within specific socio-cultural and historical contexts. She engages in the deconstruction of those conditions and, in turn, in the reconstruction of a world in which no one “dominates” or “reigns”; instead, everyone moves freely between reality and imagination.

This flexibility of visual expression allows the crossing of boundaries between home and migration; race and color; day and night; life and death; waking and sleeping; lucidity and dreaming; reason and imagination. This Surrealist-like approach allows her to tap into the unconscious, where she can live without constraints in the practice of strange “rituals” beyond the walls of the conscious world.

Her most recent works dwell at the borderline of philosophy and sociology, history and memory, to produce mnemonic devices. The series of paintings, installations, and performances explore the concepts of meta / count narratives about domination and the construction of identity. She incorporates what the French philosopher, Pierre Bourdieu, calls “symbolic violence,” which consists of forcing the acceptance by an entire community of any act of power as legitimate.


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