Mahmoud Hamadani

Mahmoud Hamadani’s work is similarly suggestive of the chance proceedings of nature. The works in this exhibition, hauntingly simple black ink drawings, are drawn from two of the artist’s series: “Endless Roads” and “Traces.” The former is, in the artist’s words, “a visual narration of a perpetual search.” The lines meander across vast expanses, suggestive of an exploration of one’s environment, and waver in unexpected ways. The “Traces” drawing, which appears to be a delicate renderings of trees, is derived from a poem by Gu Cheng, in which he discusses “the ink {that} blew dew from the leaves.” With this idea in mind, Hamadani creates abstractions that, though they strongly resemble nature, are essentially celebrations of the process of creating art.Mahmoud Hamadani was born in Iran in 1958 and attended the State University of New York and Harvard University for Mathematics and Public Administration. His work has been exhibited worldwide, and is in the collection of the British Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Hamadani currently lives and works in New York.


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