Lucio Fontana

Lucio Fontana was an Argentine-Italian artist and founder of the Spatialism movement. The art movement centered on the spatial qualities of sculpture and paintings, along with breaking through the two-dimensionality of the traditional flat surface. After his first solo exhibition at the Galleria II Milione in Milan, he joined the Abstraction-Création group from his Paris travels. He later developed his ceramic skills in Italy and France before joining Corrente in 1939, an expressionist group based in Milan. In 1940, he returned to South America in Buenos Aires where he founded the Academia de Altamira, where the Blanco group was born. Fontana is notable for his signature slashes found in the center of his canvases, where he allows 3D space to disrupt the 2D surface. These works have been deemed as acts of violence at one point to which Fontana claims he has “constructed, not destroyed.” Fontana has been showcased at many prestigious art institutions around the globe such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Guggenheim Museum, the Tate Modern, and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


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