Fabian Marcaccio

Fabian Marcaccio is a contemporary visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born to an Argentine mother and an Italian father, Marcaccio has grown up in a crosscultural household, which has further inspired his many artworks today. An artist of many techniques and mediums, Marcaccio has developed his own unique style that merges both digital and hand-made creations together. Most known for his mutant paintings, in which he coined the term, “paintants”, Marcaccio creates a bridge between traditional fine arts techniques and the fast growing digitalization of artwork today.

Though titled as a contemporary artist, Marcaccio’s creations have truly proved his work to be avant-garde to say the least. His previous studies in philosophy have enabled him to investigate the physical limits of a painted space, which led to his new pixilation and digital images to be fused to his canvases. Marcaccio’s work revolves around many themes of which include environmentalism, animations and more.

Marcaccio currently lives and works in New York City and has work in the collections of the Modern Museum of Art in New York, The Whitney Museum of Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and many more.

CV | Opulent Landscapes | #fabianmarcaccio

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