Christo is an artistic duo formed from married couple Jeanne-Claude (died 2009) and Christo Javacheff. Known for their monumental collaborations such as The Gates in Central Park and Wrapped Reichstag, their sculptures have drawn attention from many due to their high-profile locations. On the blending of the artwork and the space of which it is in, Christo comments “We borrow space and create gentle disturbances for a few days. We inherit everything that is inherent in the space to become the work of art. All our projects are like fabulous expeditions.” After Jeanne-Claude’s death, Christo has went on to complete all uncompleted works such as Over the River that will canopy over the Arkansas River. Christo has since exhibited the couple’s drawings in many gallery spaces and creating new installations that will act as “free-floating thoughts”. Christo is one of the most innovative modern sculptors, seeing that the couple always incorporates the work’s environment in a unique way. The couple also formed a corporation for each project where they secured finances and sold first models and sketches of the work. After disassembling the temporary installations, materials were either sold or given away. The couple has been showcased globally, selecting new environments for their work to become great destinations of art.


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