Agostino Bonalumi

Agostino Bonalumi was an Italian abstract artist who was a part of the Post-War avant-garde movement in Italy. Born in 1935, Bonalumi became fascinated with the plasticity of painting on cavas and created many unusual shapes in the postwar time period. He created the term “extroflexions” which meant an intricate stretcher that molded vinyl-coated monochromatic canvases and suggested an invisible force pushing out from underneath. Exhibited three times at the Venice Biennale, Bonalumi formed relations with the German group Zero where he was influenced by Lucio Fontana’s sliced canvases, who also used “extroflexions” in his work. Bonalumi’s last work included unique materials such as metal and increased the scale of his art, eventually leading to great installations. He died in 2013 in Desio, Italy.


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