Andi and Miquita Oliver Visit Sheena Rose for BBC Show

Sheena Rose BBC Miquita Oliver
Sheena Rose in her studio on the BBC mini series The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita. Photo: Via Youtube video.

Artist Sheena Rose is featured in the BBC TV mini series The Caribbean with Andi and Miquita. The two-part documentary featured the celebrity mother and daughter duo Andi Oliver and Miquita Oliver traveling to the Caribbean islands of Antigua, Barbuda, and Barbados to meet locals, explore the culture, and help transform the perception of these destinations. They also got a chance to reconnect with long lost relatives.

Though they had tried to get the show off the ground for years, the Black Lives Matter movement gave their efforts new steam. “This kind of story has always been really important to us—and the world—it just wasn’t given a platform,” Miquita told The Guardian. “But the Black Lives Matter movement blowing up—it gave us the opportunity to tell what we’d wanted to for a long time.”

In the second episode of their travelogue, which aired on January 31, 2022, they visit the studio of artist Sheena Rose, who lives on the East Coast of the island.

“We’ve heard of one standout artist Sheena Rose who seems to represent the cutting edge of new voices here,” says Miquita in introduction. “She seems to be quickly becoming one of the most respected cultural influencers on the island.”

What follows is an insightful meeting with the artist in which Sheena shows some of the work in her studio. She even has Andi and Miquita try on various costumes she uses in her performance pieces.

About Sheena, Andi said, “She has this real sweet truth about her that I found incredibly endearing,”

Watch the trailer above or check out the full episode at the BBC.

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