Rashaad Newsome prints at Art on Paper fair 2017

During this year’s edition of the Art on Paper fair in New York, Tamarind Institute will premier a suite of new Rashaad Newsome lithographs. The suite includes five distinct prints representing each of five elements of vogue femme, derived from the data captured during Rashaad Newsome’s April 2016 FIVE SFMOMA performance. Produced at Tamarind Institute, this series incorporates a complex layering of performance, ephemeral and recorded movement, traditional printing and digital technology, bringing a new vibrancy and dimensionality to the printed surface. Please click here for more information: http://thepaperfair.com/galleries/tamarind-institute-gallery-art-on-paper-ny-2017

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About the project:

Known for his provocative work in collage, performance, and video, Rashaad Newsome explored the possibilities of lithography and 3D printing during his summer residency at Tamarind in 2016. Newsome began his Tamarind project with an idea to expand upon the digital data he captured during one of his FIVE multi-media performances. These were performed as unique works at SFMoMA, ICA Boston, Miami Art Museum and Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans. Each performance features five choreographed sets, and the artist was able to collect the dancers’ movement through his own adapted motion-tracking software. Using this information, Newsome translated the fierce, spiraling movements of five vogue dancers to the two-dimensional surface of the prints.

In collaboration with Tamarind Institute, ten plates were created and printed using traditional lithographic methods. In keeping with his expansive, interdisciplinary method of working, Newsome brought 3D printing and collage into the project, incorporating dimensional forms in each print. The final suite includes five distinct prints representing each of the five dancers.

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