De Buck Gallery

Turi Simeti | The Primary Form of Painting


Publisher De Buck Gallery
Artist Turi Simeti
Publication Date 2014
Printer Graphic & Digital Project, Milan
Photography Bruno Bani, Luca Carra, Giacomelli
Binding Soft cover
Dimensions 11 3/4 x 9 1/4
Pages 43
Retail $40
Status Available

Text by Elena Forin and translated by Simon Turner

This catalogue showcases the black and white works from Italian zero artist Turi Simeti, which dates from 1980s to present day. A member of the Italian sector in the Zero art movement, Simeti worked closely with renowned artists Lucio Fontana and Enrico Castellani. Since then, Simeti’s work from the 1960s has developed into a cornerstone of twentieth century Minimalist tenants. The artist, best known for his recurrent usage of the oval form, shapes the surface of his work in monochromatic canvases, which he’s dedicated the past fifty years exploring in his career. The culmination of this is are graceful arrangements of geometric forms set in vivid color. Simeti’s work has impaceted the Zero movement by his concept of a simple and silent new style of art, following the years after World War II. Simeti’s own intent of capturing a sense of movement through his works give a borderline sculptural esthetic that captures unique rays of light and form on each canvas. Turi Simeti has been featured in many global institutions celebrating the artwork of the Zero movement including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, MAM Museum o Modern Art, and the museo d’Arte Moderna di Bolzano.

This catalogue features an essay written by Elena Forin, an independent art curator and member of the IKT (International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art). Forin combines interests in most recent artistic developments that have historical roots in the 1960s and 70s. She curated numerous exhibitions for the MACRO in Rome along with many solo art shows featuring works by Jacob Hashimoto, Jamie Shovlin, Riccardo De Marchi, and more. Her current endeavors include a cycle of talks for site specificity among artists and collaborations with international institutions.


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