De Buck Gallery

Red | The Estate of Bernard Aubertin


Publisher De Buck Gallery
Artist Bernard Aubertin
Publication Date 2016
Printer Albe de Coker, Antwerp
Photography Bill Orcutt, A. Morain, Giulia Bassi
Binding Soft cover
Dimensions 12 x 9 inches
Pages 91
Retail $40
ISBN 9780985174859
Status Available

Text by Melania Gazzotti

This book showcases the first solo exhibition held in New York for French artist Bernard Aubertin along with being the first mark in De Buck Gallery’s representation of the artist’s estate. Aubertin started his art career after meeting the esteemed Yves Klein, who helped the artist develop his monochromatic color scheme. Though Klein has created his own unique shade of blue, Aubertin was inspired by the vibrant hue of red, which came to define his practice later on. RED highlights the artist’s focus on color and his desire to bring out the absolute “destiny” of it, in which he calls the “pictorial essence” of a work. Aubertin believed the monochrome best translated the psychic and sensuous quality of an artwork. The selection of the color red was due to the artist’s fascination with fire and its transformative power, as it became a physical act by the artist, which later became integral to both his performances and stand-alone works. In addition to his encounter with Yves Klein, Aubertin also was closely affiliated with the Zero art movement and contributed much of his career to the movement, which was later brought to light with the ZERO Countdown to Tomorrow exhibition by the Solomon R. Guggenheim museum. Aubertin’s work has been exhibited across the world including the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and the Centre National de l’Art contemporain in Paris among more.

Melania Gazzotti is an art curator and historian specializing in European avant-gardes including the Zero art movement, Futurism and more. She worked previously at the Museo d’arte moderna e contemporanea di Trento e di Rovereto. She is also a recipient of the Guggenheim Foundation’s International Fellowship as well as the Yale University Visiting Postdoctoral Scholar Fellowship. Gazzoti currently lives and works in New York at the Center of Italian Modern Art and collaborates with the Italian Cultural Institute of New York.

Presented in collaboration with the Archivo Aubertin and Fondazione Berardelli, with special thanks to Kanalidarte.


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