De Buck Gallery

Alberto Biasi | Unlimited Perception


Publisher De Buck Gallery
Artist Alberto Biasi
Publication Date 2015
Printer Albe de Coker, Antwerp
Photography Bruno Bani
Binding Soft cover
Dimensions 12 x 9 in
Pages 53
Retail $40
ISBN 9780985174828
Status Available

Text by Joe Houston

This catalogue was published on occasion of Alberto Biasi’s debut at De Buck Gallery and also marks the artist’s first solo exhibition in New York since 1971. Alberto Biasi first rose to the art scene in the 1960s as a founding member of the Gruppo N, and later as a pioneer of optical art, specifically Italy’s Arte Programmata movement. After the dissolution of Gruppo N, the artist began to evolve the principles that were first used as part of the collective artist group. Throughout the artist’s career, Biasi has explored the visual possibilities of using both a blend of traditional and nontraditional materials including PVC, mirrors, and light itself. Unlimited Perception showcases the Italian artist’s retrospective spanning more than fifty years and highlights his two prominent series, Torsioni and Rilievi Ottico-Dinamici, which includes simple geometric forms enlivened by PVC strips along with colorful explosions formed by PVC grids. The sense of movement is essential to the full viewing experience of Biasi’s work and though his mediums are on flat surfaces, they are undeniably dynamic having found inspiration by his Italian precursors in the Futurist movement as well as contemporary artists such as Jesus-Rafael Soto. Biasi’s work today remains a development in the age-old quest to capture a realistic and individualized sense of movement, and in Biasi’s case, a hypnotic sense as well. Alberto Biasi’s work has been exhibited in many global institutions celebrating the post-war Italian art world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Buenos Aires.

Joe Houston is a current curator at the Hallmark Art Collection and writer. Houston previously also taught at Northwestern University College in Evanston DePaul Univeristy in Chicago, and the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. He specializes in modern and contemporary art with emphasis on modes of abstraction.


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