Gommaar Gilliams at the La Brea Studio Artists Residency

Belgian artist, Gommaar Gilliams has been creating a series of dynamic new paintings at The La Brea Studio Artists Residency. Gommaar has been exhibiting this body of work, titled, ‘Always Come Back,’ at The Cabin, an alternative exhibition space in Los Angeles.

Gommaar Gilliams’ works explore his longing for an imagined dreamlike world. Melancholic and mystical, his paintings are populated by iconography drawn from both European and Eastern storytelling. Oscillating dreamily between abstraction and representation, Gilliams weaves colors and textures with symbols of nature such as swans, rain, flora, rainbows, birds, stars and moons to explore the duality between night and day.

The works in ‘Always Come Back,’ invite his viewers into a lush world that is at once familiar and fantastical. The pieces are assemblages of both painting and fiber-work, combining varied materials that reference medieval tapestries. Gilliams’ process begins by painting and hand-sewing the fabric. He then fills the pieces with padding and stitches them together to create organic quilt-like pieces with contrasting textures. The backs of the works are also painted, hiding mystical nature symbols, including swans and moons.

If you would like to inquire about the work, please contact us at collect@debuckgallery.com.

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