Works on Paper

The term Works on Paper encompasses any form of art that is made on or with the paper material itself. These can include drawings, watercolors, prints, collages, mixed media, paintings and much more. Paper was primarily used for manuscripts and prints in Europe in the 15th century, however at this time artists like Leonardo da Vinci began to explore other works on paper. In preparation for the development of his paintings and sculptures he would create drawings on paper to explore his ideas. This preparation technique is still widely used today among artists, in addition to works on paper that are produced as finished artworks. Works on paper came to be considered a medium in the art world at the start of the 20th century. Artists explored not only drawings, but also collages and other combinations of materials and techniques to create unique compositions.  

Works on Paper Artists

De Buck Gallery artist Mahmoud Hamadani is well known for his graphics, primarily in the form of black and white illustrations. Hamadani’s drawings with ink on paper emphasize his principle of “doing as much as possible and as little as necessary.” He finds a harmonious balance between line and negative space, creating stimulating abstract portrayals that draw from his own inspirations of nature, mathematics and poetry.