Street art

Street Art refers to artists who use the streets as their gallery, creating visual art in locations for the public to see. This form of urban art allows the artist to communicate with the public directly, outside the conditions of more traditional art venues. In addition to traditional spray-painted graffiti aesthetics, some street artists also use this public attention to advocate socially and politically relevant content. This can incite a form of art provocation leading the viewer to become captivated and engaged, creating a following for that artist. Modern street art gained popularity during New York City’s graffiti boom in the 1980’s and matured with artists such as Keith Haring who first started receiving attention with his public art in New York City subways. His work was largely based on street culture of the 1980’s, and was often heavily political and carried strong messages of life and unity.

Street Art Artists

De Buck Gallery artist, Zevs, is best known for his trademark technique of liquidation. He is seen as a pioneer of the French street art scene, creating illusions by dripping paint from well-known logos, giving them an appearance of dissolving. The invalidation of these logos represents their ubiquitous existence in today’s world yet shows their instability in our ever-changing society.

Xoooox is another De Buck Gallery street artist, who is most known for creating sexy, fashionable women, stenciled around the streets of Berlin. He finds rough, worn down surfaces and uses them as his untraditional background for creating these gorgeous female characters, exploring the dynamic between beauty and superficiality with grunge and ruin.