Sculpture is a form of visual art that is generally made out of two or three-dimensional forms, either representational or abstract. Sculptures involve the process of carving, modeling and welding materials such as stone, wood, clay and metal into works of art. Sculpture is one of the oldest forms of art, stretching back to some of the earliest civilizations. Before the 18th century, these multi dimensional representations portrayed mainly figurative depictions that typically served as an expression of religion or politics. Such sculptures were an integral part of architecture and cathedrals throughout Europe and still remain influential today. The styles of sculpture have changed and diversified over the years reflecting the predominant trends of the period. More modern sculpture artists like Alexander Calder, involved movement as a main element of his work and used steel as his primary material. He originated the mobile, which is a type of kinetic sculpture that moves in response to motor power or air currents. There are several categories of sculpture, all using diverse materials that are ever changing throughout history.

Sculpture Artists

De Buck Gallery sculpture artist Jane Manus uses aluminum to make large-scale creations, depicting open and inviting negative spaces, giving each work a life of its own. Her vibrant three dimensional geometric sculptures transform the spaces they inhabit and often seem to move and change in appearance. Manus has the ability to create sculptures that stimulate their environments, integrating both the architectural and natural landscapes.