Representational Art

Representational Art is a term that generally refers to a painting or sculpture that is clearly recognizable for what it claims to be. It references images such as a human form or a tree, and although these images may not always be portrayed as true to life in color or position, they are still recognizable to the viewer. Representational Art depicts any identifiable object or series of objects and their physical appearance in reality. It is also referred to as Figurative Art, being that it is derived from real object sources. Oftentimes, representational artists act as observers, and interpret what they see in their own way through their work.

Representational Artists

De Buck Gallery representational artist Kelly Reemtsen is most widely known for her iconic paintings of anonymous beautiful women, who are dressed impeccably, with a house tool in hand. These female subjects are often headless and can only be identified by their tasteful attire and objects that they hold. Although these women can easily be classified as stereotypical housewives by their 1950’s style dresses, Reemtsen portrays an empowered modern woman, one who is prepared for any circumstance, be it quaint or grave.

De Buck Gallery Artist Tom Martin’s work is also highly representational in form. Martin’s most recent exhibition focuses on the importance of money and its meaning in this world. Through vivid realist paintings he explores the various roles money plays in all aspects of life, such as the economy, conflict, religion and personality. His paintings are deeply expressive and take the viewer inside, enticing an authentic, physical experience.