Pittura Analitica (Analytical Painting)

Pittura Analitica was an artist group representing one of the most significant and influential artistic movements of the Italian Post-War period. Closely aligned to other European movements such as the slightly older Zero Movement (Otto Piene, Gunther Uecker), the Supports/Surfaces group in France (Daniel Buren, Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier) and ‘Radical Painting’ in Germany, as well as to the American Minimalists (Brice Marden, Robert Ryman), the Pittura Analitica artists emerged in Italy in the 1970s, striving to redefine painting for the modern era and reclaim the form as a contemporary communicator. 
Among the main exponents of the movement are Pino Pinelli, Claudio Olivieri, Carmengloria Morales, Riccardo Guarneri, Marco Gastini, Claudio Verna, Giorgio Griffa, Enzo Cacciola, Gianfranco Zappettini, Carlo Battaglia and Rodolfo Aricò.