Mixed Media

Mixed Media is a form of visual art in which more than one medium is applied. It is an experimentation of combining various materials together to express the inspiration of the artist. Many mixed media artists combine found objects or other unorthodox materials with traditional visual art mediums to explore their self-expression. Mixed media allows for great versatility due to the numerous layers and inherent uniqueness that characterizes the art. It establishes an aesthetic distinction in the art world, as it is a constant exploration of an unconventional process. The materials used in mixed media art are central to the vision of the artist and play an important role in the message they are striving to convey.        

Mixed Media Artists

De Buck Gallery works with several artists who use mixed media to express their vision. Ruby Anemic explores traditional and non-traditional materials to create powerful messages. In one example, he creates a collage of fragmented dollar bills to form a common phrase, I Need More, which portrays his desire for more money and the notion that this money creates an endless need for more in today’s society.  

El Salvador mixed media artist, Simon Vega, often combines his social bearings with aesthetic ephemeral sculptures to create a reflection of what he is currently experiencing in a certain geographical location. He commonly uses found objects to convey his encounters and perceptions of his experience.