Light art

The expression of light is the main medium in this form of visual art. Light art as a modern concept developed through the experimentation of different types of light such as fluorescence, neon tubes and diffuse lighting. Artists like Bill Culbert, Dan Flavin and James Turrell created a peak in Light Art activity in the 1960’s and current artists continue to explore this art form and all its capabilities. Contemporary artists examine these light forms as material and subject through sculptures and installations.

Light Art Artists

Constantly researching and exploring new materials and techniques, De Buck Gallery light art artists such as Hans Kotter and Regine Schumann give physical form to light creating depth and perspective with each unique piece.

Hans Kotter selects materials including mirrors, plexiglass, metal and LED’s for his practice of Light Art. They interact and connect with each other creating optical illusions and reflections that keep the audience enchanted and engaged.

Regine Schumann uses phosphorescent paint as one aspect of her Light Art. Her innovative use of this material and color can be observed in light or complete darkness, illuminated by black light, creating mysterious radiating objects.

Light Art is an exciting, ever changing exploration of light and its infinite possibilities to transcend space and time.