Conceptual Art

Conceptual Art is based on the impression that the art is an idea or concept, instead of being a physical product. These notions are the most important aspect of the work and take priority over any traditional aesthetic involvement. Conceptual artists think beyond the limits of conventional media and explore their theory or idea through whatever form or material best portrays their concept. Conceptual art can provoke intense feelings and reactions from its audience given the fact that the art form itself seeks to challenge the public view of art as a domain. The conceptual art movement emerged in the 1960’s and has been hugely influential ever since. It can sometimes be referred to as Idea Art, since the foundation is the idea itself and the core intention for the work. 

Conceptual Art Artists

De Buck Gallery artists Ruby Anemic and Simon Vega are well known for their Conceptual Art.

Ruby Anemic works in a variety of media although most notably are his provoking neon works. Anemic believes his work should speak for itself, and often it literally does through neon phrases and other text based works that explore all different concepts and ideas.

Simon Vega works mainly in drawings and ephemeral sculptural installations. His work is highly influenced by self-made architecture and elements found specific to his current location. Being from El Salvador, he fuses his ideas of the third world with whatever he may be currently experiencing in the first world.