Pipe Dreams and Rabbit Holes

NEW YORK, NY – De Buck Gallery is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition by Los Angeles based painter Tahnee Lonsdale, entitled Pipe Dreams and Rabbit Holes. The exhibition will be on view from June 29 – August 26, 2016 and marks Lonsdale’s debut solo exhibition at the gallery. An opening reception in the presence of the artist will be held on June 29 from 6-8 PM.

Vibrant and mysterious, Tahnee Lonsdale’s paintings invite her viewers into a world of fantastical escapism. The narrative elements to be gleaned from her semi-abstract landscapes bring us into a world where it seems that anything goes.

The title of the exhibition makes reference to a pronounced escapism in the works, metaphorical opportunities to be taken through outlets such as pipes or rabbit holes, and to the literal pipes and rabbits (in reference to Alice in Wonderland and Donnie Darko) that recur constantly in Lonsdale’s visual vocabulary. Abstracted figures and objects come together in Technicolor scenarios that hint at an almost surrealist sensibility, while still based firmly in the realm of physical space as rooms such as kitchens or living rooms become concretized. Themes surrounding domesticity and gender roles are vital to these works – perhaps it is because of the harsh reality of this very status quo that fantasy and escapism must exist?

Tahnee Lonsdale was born in Rogate, West Sussex, England in 1982, and holds a BA from the Byam Shaw School of Art in London. Since graduating in 2007, she has been short-listed for both the Dazed and Confused Emerging Artist Award and “100 Painters of Tomorrow.” Her work has been exhibited widely in her native Britain, as well as in the United States at venues such as the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Ana, CA. Lonsdale currently lives and works in Los Angeles.

Visit us for an artist talk with Tahnee, Wednesday August 10th, from 6-9pm at the gallery, followed by a summer reception.




De Buck Gallery New York City


June 29, 2016 - August 26, 2016


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