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Robert Lazzarini in conversation with Noah Becker

De Buck Gallery, New York
10/19/2017 (6-8 pm)

October 19, 6-8pm
545 W 23rd Street, New York

Join us for a conversation with contemporary artist Robert Lazzarini and writer Noah Becker on the occasion of Robert Lazzarini’s most recent exhibition, Inflorescence, at De Buck Gallery, New York.

This evening is hosted by De Buck Gallery. RSVP is essential via

Robert Lazzarini

Robert Lazzarini (b. New Jersey, 1965) is known for confusing visual and haptic space, or rather complicating the space of pictures and the space of things. Based on appropriated subjects, his paintings and sculptures have the effect of interrupting one’s standard or habituated processes of visual recognition. His work continues the discourse of phenomenology in art and traces its lineage back to the American Minimalists. Lazzarini’s work touches on themes ranging from memory to optics to the mythology of violence in American culture. His latest solo presentation, Inflorescence, utilizes mechanisms of the changing image and object as a way of thinking about the static nature of painting and sculpture. With this exhibition the artist further examines his fascination with a specific moment in American history: when counter culture collides with polite society.

Noah Becker

Noah Becker (b. Cleveland, 1970) is founder and editor-in-chief of Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art; he is an accomplished visual artist, jazz musician and writer. Becker is also contributing writer for Art in America, Interview Magazine, Canadian Art, the Huffington Post and The Guardian. As opposed to being interested in the history of art in a way that is too literal or too constraining, Becker chooses to inform his work through face-to-face meetings and interviews with renowned artists.

For more information, please contact the gallery at +1 212 255 5735.