Contemporary art

contemporary art

Contemporary art is also referenced at as the art of today. Mainly is used for art & artworks produced in the late 20th century or in the 21st century. Contemporary artists usually work

in a technologically advancing world, which is under influence of globalisation, cultural diversity and migration and crossings of styles around the globe.  The created art of contemporary artists are a dynamic combination of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects that challenge traditional concepts or views and are challenge easy definition or explanations.

Diverse and eclectic, contemporary art as a whole distinguishes itself by the lack of a uniform, organising principle, ideology, or ‘ism.’ It is part of a cultural dialogue that concerns greater contextual frameworks such as individuality, personal & cultural identity, family, community, and nationality. Its global views are reflected upon its works that bypass cultures and strive for an overarching goal to unity and not being bound to specific persons, groups or identities.

modern and contemporary are synonyms in vernacular English, , resulting in some conglomeration of the terms “modern art” and “contemporary art” by non-specialists.

Contemporary Art at De Buck Gallery

A great part of the artists represented by De Buck Gallery consist of contemporary artists, which allows a part of their artworks to be presented and viewed in our Contemporary art gallery in New York, or either in our gallery branches in Antwerp or Saint Paul de Vence. All of the current contemporary artists represented by De Buck Gallery can be viewed here and below.
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