Cindy Wright | Drawing Front Group Exhibition

We are pleased to announce De Buck Gallery artist Cindy Wright is being featured in this group show from the Art Association and Drawing Centre Diepenheim.

Drawing Centre Diepenheim chooses a group of Belgian and Dutch artists for whom drawing is the main and sometimes only discipline in their art practice. At Drawing Centre Diepenheim the work of talented, yet relatively undiscovered Dutch artists is showcased. The Art Association also exhibits artists from Belgium who have received little exposure in the Netherlands so far.

Curators Nanette Kraaikamp and Arno Kramer have selected a number of Belgian artists with national and international recognition but who are not yet classified as world famous. Their choice of artists demonstrates the exceptional high quality of the drawing practice in Belgium. In terms of content and subject the work exhibited is rather diverse. The exhibition, including some large pieces, site installations and on the spot completed series of drawings and figurative works, promises to be a spectacular experience.

DRAWING FRONT | Art Association and Drawing Centre Diepenheim
March 19 through June 5
Opening: March 19 Hours: Wed – Thu, from 11:00 to 17:00 pm Admission: € 4.50

Participating artists:

Dutch artist in the Drawing Centre: Arte Colder, Bass Ketelaars Dennis Amatdjais, Katie Mans, Kim Habers Kim Hospers, Lisanne Langenberg, Rens Krikhaar, Romy Muijrers, Roosmarijn Schoonewelle, Sarah Joy Black, Susanna Inglada, Veronique Schrama

Belgian artists in Art Association: Ante Timmermans, ARPAÏS du bois, Birde Vanheerswynghels, Celine Hudreaux, Cindy Wright, Dirk Zoete, Fia Cielen, Gideon Kiefer, Hanne Van Rompaey, Ines Claus, Jean-Marie Byte Beer, Lore Smolders, Ronny Delrue, Ruben Bellinckx Sofie Van der Linden, Stijn Cole.

Curators: Nanette Kraaikamp and Arno Kramer

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