Houston Chronicle | Artist Cohen shines lights on what we cannot see

December 18, 2017 Joseph's Cohen's two-part art exhibition "Looking at a flower" involves no botanicals but presents some fascinating florescence. One of the objects is an elaborate electrified device behind several sheets of acrylic, with a hexagonal painting made of material so charged it can activate a light bulb. "The material is releasing photons into the space," Cohen [...]

Joseph Cohen Receives the FY17 Individual Artist Grant

March 22, 2017 De Buck Gallery is excited to announce artist Joseph Cohen’s grant award from the Houston Arts Alliance. Known as the largest grant for individual artists in Texas, Cohen aims to utilize this opportunity to create work that will help bridge the world of art and science together. Cohen will address the existing role and various [...]

Being There at De Buck Gallery

September 29, 2015

The incessant rain could not dampen the spirit of those making the gallery rounds in Chelsea last Sept. 10th and one of the stops made by AF was at De Buck Gallery with their high quality contemporary art shows. For their season opener they presented Houston based artist Joseph Cohen and his show Dasein.  It […]

Joseph Cohen’s Rich Paintings Blend Pigment with Diamond and Gold Dust

September 15, 2015

In his debut showing with De Buck Gallery, contemporary painter Joseph Cohen expands upon his previous work through a new group of spare, textured, subtly shimmery paintings that evidence experimentations with materials and the nature of perception itself. In keeping with Cohen’s philosophical bent, the show is titled, “Dasein.” A German term that translates literally as “being there,” […]

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