Alberto Biasi

Dinamica visiva, 1989



Alberto Biasi’s two-dimensional work is divided into two main categories: Torisioni (Torsions) and Rilievi ottico-dinamici (Optico-dynamic reliefs). Both have evolved out of the body of work that Biasi first developed as a member of the collaborative Gruppo N in Padua in the early 1960s. The Torisioni and the Rilievi ottico-dinamici both serve as evidence of the artist’s half-century long research into the science of perception. 

The Rilievi ottico-dinamici series in particular plays with a viewer’s sense of visual reality. The works consist of strips of PVC hovering above painted geometric designs, generally of a few vibrant colors, to create a truly hallucinatory effect. As one moves past these pieces, the images vibrate hypnotically. The Torisioni, meanwhile, are based on simple geometry – squares, circles, triangles – with shadows that mirror their outlines painted in contrast within the form. Here, the plastic strips rhythmically stand over the surfaces of the artwork, again creating perceptual shifts depending on the viewer’s position to the work.

This work, Dinamica visiva, is categorized as the Torisioni.


Mixed media, Painting

Materials used

PVC and acrylic on panel

Dimensions (in)

71 x 43 1/4 x 1 1/2

Dimensions (cm)

180 x 110 x 4