Li Shurui

Li Shurui is a visual artist from Chongqing, China. Inspired by the abstraction and the movement of light, Shurui started her art career at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute where she found her love of acrylic painting. Earlier inspired by urban nightlife and the silhouettes of city outlined by city lights, Shurui began abstract works based on lights and pixels. Now most-esteemed for her airbrush techniques in acrylic paint, Shurui has developed a new realist approach to capturing the spectrum of both light and color. Shurui aims to captivate her viewer’s attention with a strong emotive impression, of which her pieces give off their own energy and aura. Done in mainly large scale, Shurui’s works aims to reproduce the sensation that the eye feels when looking at direct light, giving her audience a complete sensory experience full of optical illusions and changing perceptions. Li Shurui’s work has been showcased globally in many esteemed institutions and is currently based in Beijing, China.

CV | Opulent Landscapes | #lishurui

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