Jeppe Hein

Jeppe Hein is a Danish artist who specializes in sculpture and installation. Earlier inspired by the 1970s traditions and humors of minimalism and conceptual art, Hein’s unique work has developed into interactive mazes for many. Through his usage of technology in his art, an element of communication is added to his pieces, which further captivate his audience with surprise. A graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Art, Hein has further went on to establish OTTO, an organization that held art exhibitions at various locations in Denmark from 1997-2000. Hein’s work includes Shaking Cube, where the aluminum cube is shaken whenever approached. Hein’s installations of Mobile Mobile and Light Pavilion II are also recent examples of technology bringing his art to life, where a power-generated bike lights up or rotates when pedaled on. Hein currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany and has been showcased in the permanent collections of the Tate Modern, Centre Pompidou, Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, and more.

Main photo courtesy of 303 Gallery

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Jeppe Hein
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