Art Money: Buy art the smart, easy way

Intro to Art Money

We partner with Art Money to make art more accessible.
1. 10 payments. 10 months. No interest

2. Enjoy now, pay over time, interest free

3. Available for artwork $1,000 to $100,000

How It Works

  1. First, Apply

2. Then, Art Money it

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who pays if Art Money is interest free?

Art Money’s partner galleries provide a commission to Art Money, up to 10%, enabling the no interest business model. In return, they are paid immediately, the artist gets paid, Art Money takes the repayment risk, and you take your art home to enjoy now, whilst paying over time. A win win, supporting artists, galleries and a sustainable creative economy.

2. What does the application process look like?

3. Are there any set up charges or ongoing fees?

There are no setup charges, account fees or ongoing fees to use Art Money.

4. Am I eligible for Art Money Credit?

To be eligible for Art Money Credit, you will need to:

Art Money is not available at this time for companies, partnerships, trusts, corporations or institutions.

5. What is My credit limit?

Art Money provides interest free credit for artworks from $1,000 to $100,000.

Art Money is a responsible credit provider so exactly how much you are able to borrow will depend on a number of factors that we assess including your income, credit history and your ability to repay. The maximum outstanding balance you can have with Art Money at any one time is $100,000, higher limits considered on request. This may be spread across multiple purchases.

6. How many repayments will I need to make?

Payment is spread over 10 monthly installments. Your first payment is the deposit paid directly to the gallery.

Your Art Money credit covers the remaining balance of 9 equal payments over 9 months, no interest. Your first repayment to Art Money will be debited one month after purchase.

For example with Art Money credit, an artwork that costs $5,000 is only $500 per month over 10 payments (the first payment is the deposit).

For other questions that you don’t see here, please visit Art Money’s FAQ page at

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